Low Voltage Transformer

Isolating transformer for supply medical rooms 8000

  • PRIV : 230
  • SEC V : 230
  • Power : 8000

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Isolating transformer for supply medical rooms 8000

SAFE GALVANIC ISOLATION PTC resistor built into every coil to set up an external monitoring unit for protection against overload very good switch -on behaviour thanks to reduced starting currents high efficiency low short- circuit voltage very low idle current very good corrosion protection and low noise thanks to vacuum impregnation contact protected screw connection terminals simple mounting thanks to robust metal fixing rail

Rated input voltage 230 vac
Rated outrput voltage 230 va
rated power 8000 va
insulation class H
Maximum ambient temperture 40 C
Efficiency الكفاءة
degree of protection درجة الحماية
frequency 50/60 HZ
K factor K -13
No load current min or equal to 3 %
test voltage 4.5 kv

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