Low Voltage Transformer

Lift Transformer 500 VA-IP20

  • PRIV : 230-380
  • SEC V : O/P1= 12/24 O/P2= 48/65/75/85/98/110
  • Power : 500 VA

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Lift Transformer 500 VA-IP20

-Very good switch on behavir thank to reduced starting current - High performance for the volume thanks to compact design -very good corrosion protection -low noise thanks to vacuum

Rated input voltage 220-380v
Rated output voltage O/P 1= 0-12-24 V O/P2= 0-48-65-75-85-95-1110 V
Rated power 500 VA
Insulation class H
MAX Ambient temperture 50C
Efficiency >96%
Degree of protection IP20
Frequency 50HZ
Weight 5.5kg
winding copper 100%

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