3 Phase stabilizer servo linear 1MVA

  • PRIV : 266V-494V
  • SEC V : 380V
  • Power : 1MVA


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3 Phase stabilizer servo linear 1MVA

It has protection from: over voltage-under voltage-phase sequence -phase failure

Rated input voltage 266-495 V
Rated output voltage 380 V
Rated power 1MVA
Insulation class H
Insulation Resistance >= 2M Ohm
Range volt 30%
operational temperture -20 C to +45 C
protection class ip 23 ( indoor) ,outdoor type on request
method of voltage regulation Regulation transformer with servo motor
Frequency 50/60HZ
voltage regulation mode independent phase regulation for three phase
protection over voltage protection -under voltage protection -overload protection -overheat protection -short circuit protection -phase squence protection -phase failure protection - by protecting the bass
digital display man machine interface enable users to know the unit condition clearly

Please need estimated cost and installation requirement

Ayman Harony - 2022-11-08

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